Basic General Knowledge – Series 8

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1) Which one of the following is not electromagnetic in nature?

a) Cathode-rays

b) X-rays

c) Gamma-rays

d) Infrared-rays

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Option – a)

2) On planet Earth, there is no centrifugal force at the

a) Equator

b) Tropic of Cancer

c) Tropic of Capricorn

d) Poles

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Option – d)

3) When applied to the affected area, which one of the following will relieve the pain due to ant-bite or bee-sting ?

a)Lemon juice

b) Vinegar

c) Baking soda

d) Caustic soda

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Option – c)

4) High Court were established in Calcutta, Bombay and Madras is


b) 1919

c) 1992

d) 1865

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Option – d)

5) If a ship moves from freshwater into seawater, it will

a) Sink completely

b) sink a little bit

c) rise a little higher

d) remain unaffected

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Option – c)

6) The Constituent Assembly of India started functioning from

a) 9th December,1946

b) 1st January, 1947

c) 26th January, 1947

d) 15th August,1947

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Option – a)

7)Which one among the following radiations carries maximum energy?

a) Ultraviolet rays

b) Gamma rays

c) X-rays

d) Infrared rays

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Option – b)

8) The export of slaves from Bengal was banned in which year?

a) 1764

b) 1789

c) 1858

d) 1868

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Option – b)

9) Which one of the following is the oldest oil refinery in India?

a) Haldia

b) Koyali

c) Digboi

d) Mathura

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Option – c)

10) Which one of the following is not an insect borne disease?

a) Beriberi

b) Kala azar

c) Malaria

d) Plague

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Option – a)

11)Total rail route in Kerala is approximately

a) 1000 km

b) 1500 km

c) 2000 km

d) 2500 km

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Option – a)

12) What is the pH value of pure water?

a) 1

b) 6

c) 7

d) 10

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Option – c)

13) Where is the Central Rice Research Institute located?

a) Bengaluru

b) Kanpur

c) Coimbatore

d) Cuttack

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Option – d)

14) In early medieval India, what did the term Jital refer to?

a) Weight

b) Diet

c) Coin

d) Game

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Option – c)

15) In human body, what is the number of cervical vertebrae?

a) 5

b) 7

c) 8

d) 12

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Option – b)

16) Which one of the following was the capital of Hoysalas?

a) Malkhed

b) Dwarasamudra

c) Somnathpur

d) Badami

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Option – b)

17) The terms, Lubb and Dubb relate to which one of the following?

a) Heart

b) Eyes

c) Teeth

d) Lung

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Option – a)

18) Indian Standard Time refers to the local time of which one of the following places in India?

a) Allahabad

b) Bhopal

c) Delhi

d) Lucknow

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Option – a)

19)Bar is a unit of which one of the following?

a) Force

b) Energy

c) Pressure

d) Frequency

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Option – c)

20) Which one of the following is produced by rain water action?

a) Gorge

b) Cliff

c) Gully

d) Dome

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Option – c)

21)Which one of the following is having elastic demand?

a) Electricity

b) Medicines

c) Rice

d) Match boxes

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Option – c)

22) What growth rate of Indian Economy has been projected by IMF for 2011-12?

a) 9.5%

b) 9%

c) 8.2%

d) 8.6%

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Option – c)

23) ‘Stone Cancer’ occurs due to

a) Acid rain

b) Global Warming

c) Radioactivity

d) Bacterial action

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Option – a)

24) The acid stored in batteries is

a) sulphuric acid

b) nitric acid

c) hydrochloric acid

d) acetic acid

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Option – a)

25) Which state’s name was changed sometime back?

a) Jharkhand

b) Orissa

c) West Bengal

d) Andhra Pradesh

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Option – b)

26)If lime water is kept in the air, it turns milky due to presence of

a) Carbon dioxide

b) Nitrogen

c) Oxygen

d) Sulphur dioxide

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Option – a)

27)The year of accession of Kanishka to throne was

a) AD 108

b) AD 78

c) AD 58

d) AD 128

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Option – d)

28) Which of the plant products is used in leather industry?

a) Resin

b) Mucilage

c) Latex

d) Tannin

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Option – d)

29) Which of the following Mughal Emperors is credited with composition of Hindi songs?

a) Babar

b) Akbar

c) Jahangir

d) Shahjahan

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Option – b)

30) Who among the following built the famous Khajuraho Temple?

a) The Chandella Kings

b) The Pala Kings

c) Vikramaditya

d) The jaina Monks of Central India

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Option – a)

31) The density of population in an area is measured by the number of

a) persons

b) children

c) families

d) houses

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Option – a)

32) The 3rd Common wealth Youth Games were held at

a) Pune

b) Karachi

c) Dhaka

d) London

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Option – a)

33) The author of the Book Titled ‘The Future of India’ is

a) Bimal Jalan

b) Deepak Chopra

c) Amitav Ghosh

d) NK Singh

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Option – a)

34) The crop which occupies maximum cultivated area in India is

a) rice

b) wheat

c) gram

d) linseed

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Option – a)

35) The world’s wettest continent is

a) Asia

b) Europe

c) North America

d) South America

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Option – d)

36) 1024 bytes equal

a) 1 TB

b) 1 GB

c) 1 MB

d) 1 KB

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Option – d)

37) Which is a Permanent Institution?

a) Family

b) Political Party

c) Red Cross

d) UNO

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Option – a)

38) Find the odd one.

a) Marble

b) Chalk

c) Limestone

d) Slaked lime

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Option – d)

39)‘’Fire fighting clothes’’ are made from

a) mica

b) asbestos

c) talc

d) steatite

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Option – b)

40) The people of the Indus Valley Civilization were not familiar with

a) copper

b) silver

c) tin

d) iron

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Option – d)

41) Which one among the following metals is more reactive than hydrogen?

a) Mercury

b) Copper

c) Silver

d) Tin

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Option – d)

42) Iron ore from Kudremukh is most likely to be exported through

a) Goa

b) Kochi

c) Mangalore

d) Ennore

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Option – c)

43)  Which one of the following is a good conductor of electricity?

a) Shellac

b) Human body

c) Glass

d) Ebonite

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Option – b)

44) The largest river of Penisular India is

a) Narmada

b) Godavari

c) Mahanadi

d) Cauvery

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Option – b)

45) Which is the primary component of natural gas?

a) Methane

b) Butane

c) Propane

d) Ethane

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Option – a)

46) Indian Railway first introduced computerized reservation in

a) Bombay

b) Calcutta

c) Madras

d) Delhi

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Option – d)

47) Which of the following is a rich source energy?

a) Protein

b) Lipid

c) Carbohydrate

d) Vitamin

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Option – c)

48) Which one of the following is the highest mountain peak?

a) Nanga Parbat

b) Nanda Devi

c) Kanchanjunga

d) K2

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Option – d)

49)Who declares the financial emergency?

a) President

b) Prime Minister

c) Finance Minister

d) RBI

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Option – a)

50) The electric charge is stored in a device called

a) inductor

b) capacitor

c) resistor

d) transformer

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Option – b)

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