Analogy Questions Answer – Verbal Reasoning MCQ

Analogy MCQ – Verbal Reasoning Questions Answers

If you want to take Reasoning Preparation for Competitive Exam, we have provided Part-Wife Study Material of Designing here. You can take exam preparation part from here. Analogy questions are a unique and intriguing subset of cognitive tests and assessments that challenge our ability to recognize patterns, relationships, and connections between different elements. Often used in various academic and professional settings, analogy questions play a vital role in evaluating critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and overall cognitive aptitude. In this article, we will delve into the world of analogy questions, exploring their types, strategies for solving them, and the benefits of mastering this skill.

Understanding Analogy Questions

An analogy is a comparison between two pairs of words or phrases based on their similarities in meaning, structure, or relationship. Analogy questions typically present a pair of words that share a certain relationship and ask you to find another pair that shares a similar relationship. The relationship between the words in the given pair can be based on various aspects such as:

  • Synonymy: Words that have similar meanings, e.g., “happy” is to “joyful” as “sad” is to “mournful.”
  • Antonymy: Words with opposite meanings, e.g., “hot” is to “cold” as “up” is to “down.”
  • Part-to-Whole or Whole-to-Part: Words that represent a larger or smaller component of something, e.g., “leaf” is to “tree” as “finger” is to “hand.”
  • Cause and Effect: Words that exhibit a cause-and-effect relationship, e.g., “bloom” is to “flower” as “melt” is to “ice.”
  • Function: Words that perform similar functions, e.g., “pen” is to “write” as “scissors” is to “cut.”
  • Analogous Relationships: Words that share analogous relationships, e.g., “doctor” is to “hospital” as “teacher” is to “school.”

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1) Flower : Bud :: Plant : ?

a) Seed

b) Taste

c) Flower

d) Twig

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Option – a)

2) Influenza : Virus :: Typhoid?

a) Bacillus

b) Parasite

c) Protozoa

d) Bacteria

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Option – d)

3) Car : Garage ::  Aeroplane : ?

a) Port

b) Depot

c) Hanger

d) Harbour

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Option – c)

4) Drama : Stage : Tennis : ?

a) Tournament

b) Net

c) Court

d) Racket

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Option – c)

5) Food : Stomach :: Fuel : ?

a) Plane

b) Truck

c) Engine

d) Automobile

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Option – c)

6) Candle : Wax :: Paper : ?

a) Wood

b) Tree

c) Bamboo

d) Pulp

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Option – d)

7) Dog : Bark :: Goat : ?

a) Bleat

b) Hawl

c) Grunt

d) Bray

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Option – a)

8) Man : Biography :: Nation : ?

a) Leader

b) People

c) Geography

d) History

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Option – a)

9) Birth : Death :: Increase : ?

a) Ease

b) Decrease

c) Tease

d) Cease

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Option – b)

10)Moon : Satellite :: Earth?

a) Sun

b) Planet

c) Solar system

d) Asteroid

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Option – b)