Alphabet Series Reasoning MCQ Questions Answers

 Alphabet Series MCQ Questions Answers – Verbal Reasoning Aptitude

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Alphabet series reasoning is a vital component of competitive exams and aptitude assessments that test a candidate’s logical thinking and analytical skills. This type of reasoning involves identifying patterns, sequences, and relationships among letters in a given sequence. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of alphabet series reasoning, provide tips to approach MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) in this category, and offer detailed explanations for a variety of MCQ questions and their corresponding answers.

Understanding Alphabet Series Reasoning:

Alphabet series reasoning is essentially about discerning the underlying pattern or rule governing the arrangement of letters in a sequence. The sequence may involve letters of the English alphabet arranged in a specific order or pattern, which may include alternating letters, skipping letters, or applying mathematical operations to them. Alphabet Series Reasoning MCQ Q&A is very important for competitive exam. We answered a number of important questions that are important in this regard.

1) UV,QR,MN,IJ, ?

a) GH

b) CD

c) EF

d) AB

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Option – c)


a) MP

b) NQ

c) OF

d) OE

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Option – d)


a) TOE

b) OET

c) ETO

d) OTE

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Option – d)

4) I,M,Q,U,X,B,?

a) F

b) D

c) E

d) C

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Option – c)

5) AD,EH,IL,?,QT

a) LM

b) MN

c) MP

d) OM

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Option – C)


a) GCT

b) QXT

c) QXT

d) GOT

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Option – a)

7) B,C,E,G,K,M,?

a) R

b) S

c) T

d) Q

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Option – d)


a) OLE

b) OLC

c) NMC

d) NLB

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Option – b)


a) PHV

b) PIV

c) PJW

d) PKX

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Option – a)

10) CAT, FDW,IGZ,?

a) KJA

b) KTC

c) LHD

d) LJC

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Option – d)