Tripura General Knowledge MCQ Questions Answers Download PDF

Tripura General Knowledge MCQ Questions Answers Download Solved PDF

Tripura, a small northeastern state in India, is known for its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and historical significance. Aspirants preparing for various competitive exams or simply looking to enhance their knowledge about this enchanting state can benefit from Tripura General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). In this article, we present a comprehensive collection of MCQs along with their answers to help you explore and understand the key aspects of Tripura. Tripura General Knowledge MCQ Questions Answers GK Download Solved GK PDF Set

1) Which national highway connects Tripura with the rest of country ?

a) NH 44(From Assam border-Sabroom)

b) None of these

c) NH 7(Varanasi to kanya kumari)

d) NH 5(Madras-Kolkata)

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Option – a)

2) Tripura is top producer of which of the following  ?



c)Natural Rubber


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Option – c)

3) How many Districts in Tripura?


b) 6

c) 8

d) 10

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Option – c)

4) which of the following is an official language of Tripura?

a) Nepali

b) Santhali

c) Bengali

d) Assamese

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Option – c)

5) Which is the Capital of Tripura?

a) Khowai

b) Agartala

c) Dharmanagar

d) Udaipur

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Option – b)

6) Total Number of Assembly Seats in Tripura ?

a) 60




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Option – a)

7) Which is the highest point in Tripura?

a) Dhavalagiri

b) Mount Ararat

c) Betling Shib/Sib/Chip/Shiv

d) Harney peak

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Option – c)

8) State tree of Tripura ?





e) None of these

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Option – c)

9) Which state is to the east of Tripura?

a) Bihar

b) Sikim

c) Mizoram

d) Jharkhand

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Option – c)

10) When did Tripura become a union territory?

a) 25 March 1986

b) 30 June 1948

c) 01 November 1956

d) 12 August 1952

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Option – c)