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Punjab State General Knowledge MCQ Questions Answers GK Related to Punjab

Punjab, a northern state in India, is renowned for its rich history, culture, and contribution to the nation. From its vibrant festivals to its historical landmarks, Punjab holds a special place in the hearts of Indians. To test your knowledge about this remarkable state, we present a collection of Punjab General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) along with their answers. Let’s delve into the world of Punjab’s intriguing facts and figures.

1) The largest city of Punjab is

a) Amritsar

b) Ferozepur

c) Ludhiana

d) Jalandhar

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Option – c)

2) In old Temple Punjab sun-Temple was situated at

a) Hoshiarpur

b) Amritsar

c) Peshawar

d) Multan

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Option – d)

3) Punjab leads in the production of Which citrus fruit

a) Orange

b) Lemon

c) Grapes

d) Kinnow

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Option – d)

4) What are the fodder crops of Punjab

a) Barley and gram

b) Bajra and Jowar

c) Maize and Jowar

d) None of these

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Option – b)

5) Total  literacy rate of Punjab is

a) 69.72%

b) 69.69%

c) 69.71%

d) 76.7%

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Option – d)

6) Sex Ration in Punjab is

a) 933

b) 877

c) 893

d) 970

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Option – c)

7) When was the Punjab annexation with the british Rule?


b) 1849

c) 1839

d) 1859

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Option – b)

8) When was SGPC established in Punjab?

a) 1970

b) 19251920

c) 1922

d) 1924

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Option – b)

9)Which city is the Manchester of Punjab?

a) Jalandhar

b) Ludhiana

c) Chandigarh

d) Amritsar

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Option – b)

10) What is the old name OF Punjab?

a) Sapta Sindhu

b) Sapta Rishi

c) Sapta ABA

d) Punj Ab

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Option – a)