Odisha General Knowledge MCQ GK Questions Answers

Odisha General Knowledge GK MCQ Questions Answers Download Solved PDF

Odisha, situated on the eastern coast of India, is a land of rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and natural beauty. With its diverse history, unique traditions, and captivating attractions, Odisha is a treasure trove of knowledge waiting to be explored. In this article, we present a collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that will challenge your understanding of Odisha’s history, culture, geography, and more. Let’s dive into the world of Odisha General Knowledge and test your expertise. Odisha GK MCQ General Knowledge Questions Answers Download PDF

1) The Jagannath puri Temple was built in the year


b) 1150



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Option – d)

2) who was the first chief Minister of odisha

a)Biswanath das

b)Harekrushna  mahatab

c)Biju patnaik

d) nabakrushna choudhury

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Option – b)

3) The famous  war of kalinga was fought in the year

A)270  BC

b)261 BC

C)265 BC

d) 296  BC

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Option – b)

4)which poet is known as the kabi samrata

a)Baladev Ratha

b)Upendra Bhanja

c)Radhanath Ray

d)Gopabandhu Dash

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Option – b)

5)In which year Huen Tsang Vists Odisha

a) 600 AD

b) 601 Ad

c) 611 AD

d) 630 AD

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Option – d)

6) When was the super cyclone held in odisha

a) 1990

b) 1995

c) 1999

d) 2000

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Option – c)

7) Who was the founder of Mahima Dhrama

a)  Biswanath Baba

b) Siddha Baba

c) Mahima Gosain

d) Bhima Bhoi

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Option – c)

8) When was Sambalpur united with Odisha

a) 1921

b) 1924

c) 1936

d) 1937

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Option – c)

9) The first Oriya movie ‘’Sita Bibaha’ was released in the Year

a)  1926

b) 1928

c) 1930

d) 1936

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Option – d)

10) When the Capital of Odisha was shifted from Cuttack to Bhubeneswar

a) 1940

b) 1948

c) 1950

d) 1955

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Option – b)