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11)Which pane would be used to enter a speaker’s information about what can be said about each slide ?

A) Notes pane

B) Outline pane

C) Slide pane

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Option – A.

12)How we can create a uniform appearance by adding a background image to all slides ?

A) By editing last slide

B) Use the autocorrect wizard

C) Create a template

D) Edit the slide master

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Option – D.

13)In a slide layout, which of the following section does not exist ?

A) Animation Section

B) Lists Section

C) Titles Section

D) Chart Section

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Option – A.

14)You can apply motion effects to different objects of a slide using

A) Animation Scheme

B) Slide Transition

C) Color Scheme

D) Font scheme

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Option – A.

15)What are the steps to insert slide numbers?

A) Insert a text box and select Insert >> Page Number

B) Choose Insert >> Slide Number

C) Insert a new text box and select Insert >> slide Number

D) Insert a textbox and select Insert >> Number >> PageNumber

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Option – C.