IES Mechanical Engineering Model Question Paper Download Sample Set

UPSC IES Mechanical Engineering (ME) Model Question Paper Download – Indian Engineering Services Sample Set

The Indian Engineering Services (IES) examination is a prestigious and highly sought-after competitive examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in India. Aspiring mechanical engineers who dream of contributing to the nation’s growth and development through various engineering projects often set their sights on cracking this rigorous examination. A crucial part of preparing for the IES Mechanical Engineering exam is practicing with model question papers, which serve as an invaluable resource to enhance one’s understanding, knowledge, and exam-taking skills.

1) In highly rarefied gases, the concept of this loses validity

a) thermodynamic equilibrium

b) continuum

c) stability

d) macroscopic viewpoint

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Option – b)

2) Second law of thermodynamics defines

a) Heat

b) Work

c) Enthalpy

d) Entropy

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Option – d)

3) Which one of the following refrigerants has the highest critical temperature ?

a) Water

b) Carbon dioxide

c) Freon 12

d) Ammonia

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Option – a)

4) Indication of amount of moisture in air is given by

a) DBT

b) WBT

c) DPT

d) Saturation temperature

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Option – b)

5) A cold liquid is stored in spherical vessel in order to

a) reduce rate of heat transfer

b) increase rate of heat transfer

c) prevent the liquid from freezing

d) none of these

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Option – a)

6) The solar energy falling on the earth’s surface is called

a) beam radiation

b) diffuse radiation

c) terrestrial radiation

d) extraterrestrial radiation

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Option – d)

7) Piston compression rings are made of

a) cast iron

b) bronze

c) aluminium

d) white metal

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Option – a)

8) Which one of the dimensionless numbers identifies the compressibility effect of a fluid

a) Euler number

b) Froud number

c) mach number

d) weber number

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Option – c)

9) Which of the following fitting is a boiler mounting ?

a) superheater

b) economizer

c) feed check valve

d) spring type

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Option – c)

10) What causes a short steel strut to fail ?

a) Fracture

b) Shearing

c) Buckling

d) Yielding

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Option – a)

11) The condition of isochronisms can be realized in a

a) Watt governor

b) porter governor

c) Proell governor

d) Hartnell governor

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Option – d)

12) If the ratio of diameter of rivet hole to the pitch of rivets is 0.25 then tearing efficiency of the joint is

a) 50%

b) 75%

c) 25%

d) 87%

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Option – b)

13) German silver contains

a) 12.5% silver

b) 5% silver

c) 1% silver

d) no silver

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Option – d)

14) Pareto charts are used to

a) identify inspection points in a process

b) outline production schedules

c) organize errors, problems or defects

d) show material flow

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Option – c)

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