UPPCL Office Assistant Stenographer Model Question Paper Download

UPPCL Office Assistant Stenographer Model Question Paper Download Sample Set Practice MCQ

The Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) is known for conducting competitive exams to select skilled individuals for various roles within the organization. Among the coveted positions, the UPPCL Office Assistant Stenographer role stands out as a significant opportunity for those aspiring to work in the power sector. To help candidates prepare effectively for this exam, we have created a comprehensive model question paper that covers key topics and provides insights into the exam pattern.

UPPCL Office Assistant Stenographer Model Sample MCQ Questions Answers Set Practice MCQ Download PDF –

1) When the meeting was over,(a)/ he was very tired (b)/ so that he went home immediately.(c)/ No error (d)

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Option – c)

2) Is there further reasons (a)/ you can give me for your failure (b)/ to do as you promised ? (c)/No error (d)

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Option -a)

Directions: In each of the following questions, choose the correctly spelt word.

3) a) Aproched

b) Aproached

c) Approched

d) Approached

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Option – d)

4) ) a) Neice

b) Neither

c) Neigh

d) Rein

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Option – a)

5) a)  He is vain as though he were a millionaire.

b) She acted as if her mother asked her to do.

c) She carried the child carefully lest it should not fall.

d) I don’t relish the food whose taste is sour.

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Option – a)

6) a) Everybody knows that Rahul is nothing else but a cheat.

b) Everybody knows that Rahul is nothing else than a cheat.

c) Everybody knows that Rahul is nothing else except a cheat.

d) Everybody knows that Rahul is nothing but for a cheat.

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Option – a)

Directions: out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.

7) )  Person who files a suit.

a) Charge

b) Suitor

c) Plaintiff

d) Accuse

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Option – c)

8) Not likely to be easily pleased.

a) Fastidious

b) Infallible

c) Fatalist

d) Communist

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Option – a)

Directions: For each of the following sentences four alternatives are given. You are to choose the correct meaning of the idioms given in bold in the sentences.

9) We should guard against our green-eyed friends.

a) rich

b) jealous

c) handsome

d) enthusiastic

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Option -b)

10) His promotion is on the cards.

a) due

b) evident

c) certain

d) probable

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Option – c)

Directions: (Q 11) Choose the correct alternative from the given one that will complete the series.


a) MN

b) UV

c) KO

d) YZ

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Option – c)

Directions: (Q 12) Find the odd number/word/letters/number pair from the given alternatives.

12)a) 272

b) 210

c) 240

d) 304

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Option – c)

Directions: (Q 13) In the following questions same equations are solved on the basis of a certain system. On the same basis, find out correct answer for unsolved equation.

13) 5x6x4x=456,3x6x5=536,4x8x7=?

a) 748

b) 478

c) 847

d) 784

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Option – a)

Directions: (Q 14) Select the related  letters/words/numbers from the given alternatives.

14)Doctor : Hospital :: Chef : ?

a) Cook

b) Knife

c) Kitchen

d) Food

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Option – c)

15) Find the wrong number in the given series.



b) 48

c) 98

d) 194

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Option – b)

16) Who has been appointed as the new Speaker of Lok Sabha ?

a)R. Jethmalani

b) Sumitra Mahajan

c) V.S. H]egde


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Option – b)

17) Which of the following has got more heat capacity?

a) Iron Piece

b) Water

c) Gold piece

d) Benzene

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Option – b)

18) The polymer used in making plastic crockery is

a) Decron

b) Nylon

c) Bakelite

d) Melamine

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Option – d)

19) The vitamin that helps in clotting of blood is

a) A

b) D

c) B

d) K

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Option – d)

20) Filaria is caused by

a) Protozoa

b) Mosquito

c) Virus

d) Bacteria

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Option – b)


21) जिसे कठिनाई से धारण किया जा सके


b) दुर्गम

c) दुर्वह

d) दुर्भक्ष

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Option -c)

22) विनय पत्रिकाकी भाषा है

a) अवधी

b) कन्नौजी

c) ब्रज

d) ब्रजबुलि

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Option -c)

23) रावणशब्द का पर्याय है ?

a) द्शानन

b) माधव

c) विट्प

d) दल

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Option -a

Good Luck!!