TSPSC CDPO Model Question Paper Download Solved PDF Sample Set

TSPSC CDPO Model Question Paper Download Fully Solved MCQ Questions Answers Sample Practice Set PDF

The Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) exam is a highly competitive and sought-after examination for individuals aspiring to make a difference in the lives of children and their development. To succeed in this exam, one must not only possess a strong understanding of child development and related topics but also be well-prepared for the examination pattern and question types. The TSPSC CDPO Model Question Paper serves as an invaluable tool in this journey, providing candidates with a comprehensive insight into the exam’s structure and content. TSPSC CDPO Model Question Paper Download Solved PDF Sample Practice Set. 

Part A: General Studies:

1)The Rihand valley project is in:

a) M.P

b) Orissa

c) U.P

d) Karnataka

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Option – c)

2) In which month are the kharif crops sown?

(a) April

(b) June

(c) September

(d) November

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Option – b)

3) India’s coast line is long to the extent of –

a) 1400 miles

b) 1000 miles

c) 3500 miles

d) 5100 miles

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Option – c)

4) Who conferred the title of ‘Gunraj Khan’ ?

a) Bipradas Pipilai

b) Maladhar Basu

c) Kavi Jaydeva

d) Sri Chaitanya

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Option – b)

5) Humayun lost the Mughal Empire to Sher Shah Suri finally In the battle of

(a) Chunar

(b) Chausa

(c) Ghagra

(d) Kannauj

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Option -d)

6) The system competitive exam for Civil Services was accepted in principle in the year –

a) 1833

b) 1853

c) 1858

d) 1882

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Option – b)

7) Optical fibre mainly used in communication is based on

a) Less absorption coefficient

b) Less scattering

c) Total internet reflection

d) Refraction

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Option – c)

8) In which part of the Constitution, details of Citizenship are mentioned?

a) I

b) II

c) III

d) IV

ans: b

9) Human blood is a viscous fluid due to

a)Platelets in plasma

b)Proteins in blood

c)RBC and WBC in blood

d)Sodium in serum

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Option – b)

10) The hardest form of carbon is

a) coke

b) graphite

c) diamond

d) charcoal

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Option – c)[/su_ spoiler]

11) The science dealing with Human variations and heredity leading to the improvement of

human race is known as ?

A. Eugenics

B. Genetics

C. Hybridization

D. Mutation

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Option - a)

12) Economic survey is published by :

(a) Ministry of Finance

(b) Planning Commission

(c) Govt. of India

(d) Indian Statistical Institute

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Option – a)

13) Under Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme (lGNOAPS), the benefits are available to the people having minimum age of ____

(a) 50 years

(b) 55 years

(c) 65 years

(d) 60 years

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Option – c)

14) How many members of the Anglo-Indian Community can be nominated by the President of India to the Parliament ?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 5

d) 8

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Option – b)

15) DRDL stands for

a) Defence Research and Development Laboratary

b) Differential Research and Documentation Laboratary

c) Department of Research and Development Laboratory

d) None of the above

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Option – c)

Directions (Q.Nos. 16)  :In each of the following questions, select the related letter/word/number from the given alternatives.

16) MN : OP : : ?

a) Ad : GH

b) AB : PQ

c) QR : ST

d) RS : TV

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Option – c)

Directions ( Q. Nos . 17 ) : Select the related letter / word / number from the given alternatives

17) 3 : 81 : : 6 : ?

a) 1296

b) 1269

c) 1692

d) 1926

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Option – a)

18) In a certain code , if AUDITORIUM is written as MUIROTIDUA , how will MISFORTUNE be written in that code ?





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Option – a)

19) Look at this series: 5.2, 4.8, 4.4, 4, ... What number should come next?





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Option – d)

20) A man said to a lady, “Your mother’s husband’s sister is my aunt”.
How is the lady related to the man?
a. Mother

b. Sister

c. Daughter

d. Aunt

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Option – b)

Direction (Q. 21) : In questions out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best express the meaning of the given word.

21) Genuine

a) Good

b) Real

c) Attractive

d) Lovable

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Option – b)

22) Directions (Q. 22) : In the following questions, some parts have been jumbled up. You are required to rearrange these parts, which are labeled P, Q, R and S, to produce the correct sentence.

Around the world, painful terminal disease/ (P), the question of human death/ (Q), people are wrestling with/ (R), especially in the face of/ (S)

a) R S Q P

b) P Q R S

c) R Q S P

d) P S Q R

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Option – c)

Directions: The following sentences consist of a word or a phrase which is written in bold letters. Each of them is followed by four words or phrases. Select the word or the phrase which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the bold word or phrase.

23) She was overstrung  before the performance.

a) excited

b) calm

c) enthusiastic

d) cheerful

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Option -b)

24) The villagers were enjoying winter evening around the fire.

b) The villagers were enjoying winter evening around a fire.

c) The villagers were enjoying winter evening around fire.

d) The villagers were enjoying winter evening round fire.

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Option – a)

Directions: In each of the following questions, choose the correctly spelt word.

25) a) Hindrence

b)  Hindrance

c) Hinderence

d) Hinderance

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Option – b)

Paper ii: Degree level.

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