Bihar Police SI Model Question Paper Solved Sample Practice Set

Bihar Police Sub Inspector Model Question Paper Download Sample Practice MCQ Questions Answers Set PDF Prelims SI Exam

The Bihar Police Sub-Inspector (SI) examination is a highly competitive and sought-after opportunity for individuals aspiring to join the state police force. Aspiring candidates often find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to preparing for this challenging exam. However, a crucial tool that can significantly aid your preparation is the Bihar Police SI Model Question Paper. In this article, we will explore the importance of practicing with model question papers and provide you with insights on how to make the most out of them. Bihar Police Sub Inspector Prelims Model Question Paper Solved Download PDF SI Preliminary Exam

1) Red litmus paper is changed into blue in solution of —

a) Base

b) Acid

c) Salt

d) None

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Option -a)

2) The most abundant metal in earth crust is _

a) Iron

b) Magnesium

c) Calcium

d) Aluminium

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Option -d)

3) When is World Forestry Day celebrated?

a) March 3

b) March 21

c) March 22

d) March 23

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Option – b)

4) Which of the following is not a plantation crop?

(a) Coffee

(b) Rubber

(c) Sugarcane

(d) Tea

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Option – c)

5) The rains along the western coast of India are:

(a) cyclonic

(b) convectional

(c) orographic

(d) monsoonal

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Option – c)

6) The only sanctuary where Kashmir stag is found is:

a) Kanha

b) Dachigam

c) Gir

d) Mudumalai

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Option – b)

7) The Vedic economy was based on

(a) trade and commerce

(b) crafts and industries

(c) agriculture and cattle rearing

(d) all the above

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Option – c)

8) Two Sayid brothers Sayid Abdullah Khan and Sayid Hussan Ali Khan (who rose to become the king makers during the later Mughal period) met their downfall during the reign of

(a) Farrukhsiyar

(b) Rafi-ud-DaIjat

(c) Rafi-ud-Daula

(d) Muhammad Shah

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Option – d)

9) Who among the following was NOT a contemporary of other there ?

a) Bhimbisara

b) Gautama Buddha

c) Milinda

d) Prasenjit

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Option – c)

10) Narapata Nalha was a Hindi poet of

a) Bhakti Kala

b) Adi Kala

c) Riti Kala

d) None of these

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Option – b)

11) Who is the writer of the book ‘Devdas’

a) Satyajit Ray

b) Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

c) Mahasweta Devi

d) Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

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Option – d)

12) The space waves which are affected seriously by atmospheric conditions are

a) MF0

b) HF

c) VHF

d) UHF

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Option – d)

13) What enables us to write on the black board with chalk?

a) Gravity

b) Cohesion

c) Adhesion

d) Viscosity

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Option – c)

14) The train service Thar Express between India and Pakistan, originates in India from:

a) Jaisalmer

b) Jodhpur

c) Bikaner

d) Barmer

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Option – d)

15) Which of the following is project to develop watersheds in India?





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Option – d)

16) Which India state came under President’s rule for maximum number of times ?


b)Himachal Pradesh



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Option – a)

17) Which one of the following is NOT included in the State List in the Constitution of India ?

a)Criminal Procedure Code 


c)Law and Order


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Option – a)

18) Which of the following is an extra-constitutional growth in Indian democracy?

a) Attorney General of India

b) Autonomous Districts

c) Political Parties

d) Deputy Chairman of the Council of states


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Option – b)

19) The position of the Vice-President of India resembles, to a great extent, the position of the Vice-President of:

(a) USA

(b) Russia

(c) Italy

(d) New Zealand


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Option – a)

20) Under the Directive  Principles of State Policy, upto what age of the children, they are expected to be provided free and compulsory education ?

a) 14 yr

b) 15 yr

c) 16 yr

d) 18 yr

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Option – a)

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