Panchayat Assam Rural Dept Practice Paper Set 3 Download PDF

Assam Panchayat & Rural Dept Model Question paper series Set 3 Practice Paper Download PDF. Solved Question Papers of Assam PNRD Mohrar, Extension Officer, Gram Sevak / Sevika posts Download free. Study Materials PDF Download. The Panchayat system in Assam has been a vital cornerstone in the foundation of democratic governance at the grassroots level. It has played a pivotal role in decentralizing power and decision-making, thereby ensuring effective development and inclusive growth in rural areas. To ensure the efficient functioning of this system, the Panchayat Assam Rural Department Practice Papers have emerged as valuable tools. These practice papers serve as a means to enhance the capacity and knowledge of local leaders, officials, and citizens involved in rural governance.

Practice Paper Download Gram Sevak Posts Written test Assam PNRD Exam

1)Which one of the following countries is not a member of ASEAN?
a) Indonesia
b) South Korea
c) Thailand
d) Vietnam

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Option – b)

2) The most important commercial forests of India are:
(a) tropical evergreen
(b) tropical deciduous
(c) coniferous
(d) mangrove
Ans: (b)

3) The largest tribal community in India is
a) Bhils
b) Gonds
c) Santhals
d) Tharus

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Option – b)

4) Which country stood second in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics medal tally?
a) UK
b) US
c) S.Korea
d) Hungary

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Option – b)

5) What is the minimum age laid down for a candidate to seek election to the Lok Sabha ?
a) 18 age
b) 21 age
c) 25 age
d) None of these

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Option – c)

6) Pair of ribs found in man
a) 12
b) 10
c) 14
d) 11

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Option – a)

7) Which of the following is the worst flood affected area in India?
a) Assam
b) Nagaland
c) Manipur
d) Tripura
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Option – a)

8) Where is the wild ass sanctuary?
a) Uttar Pradesh
b) Gujarat
c) Rajasthan
d) Kerala
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Option – b)

9) The second Longest east-following Peninsular river is
a) Mahanadi
b) Cauvery
c) Krishna
d) Godavari
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Option – c)

10) The greatest conqueror among the Gupta rulers was
(a) Samudragupta
(b) Chandragupta II
(c) Kumargupta
(d) Skandagupta
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Option -a)

11) Who among the following is known for his work on medicine during the Gupta period?
(a) Saumilla
(b) Sudraka
(c) Shaunaka
(d) Susrutha
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Option – d)

12) The second Burmese invasion took place in
a) 1816
b) 1817
c) 1818
d) 1819
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Option – d)

15) Who was the greatest king of the pala Dynasty of Kamarupa
a) Jaypala
b) Gopala
c) Dharmapala
d) Ratnapala
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Option – c)

16) If x and y are positive integers such that (3x + 7y) is a multiple of 11, then which of the following will be divisible by 11 ?
a) 4x + 6y
b) x + y + 4
c) 9x + 4y
d) 4x – 9y
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Option – d)

17) A makes an article for ` 120 and sells it to B at a profit of 25%. B sells it to C who sells it for `
198, making a profit of 10%. What profit percent did B make?
(a) 25%
(b) 20%
(c) 16.66%
(d) 15%
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Option – b)

18) Three years ago, the average age of a family of 5 members was 17 yr. A baby having been born, the average age of the family is the same today. The present age of the baby is
a) 2 yr
b) 2.4 yr
c) 3 yr
d) 1.5 yr
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Option – a)

19) The Independence Day of India i.e. 15th August of 1947.
a) Sunday
b) Tuesday
c) Thursday
d) Friday
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Option – d)

20) M is to the East of D,F is to the south of D and K is to the East of F.M is in which direction with respect to k?
a) South-West
b) North-West
C) North
d) Data inadequate
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Option – d)

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