Refrigeration & Air Conditioning MCQ Questions Mechanical Engineering

21) Indication of amount of moisture in air is given by

a) DBT

b) WBT

c) DPT

d) Saturation temperature

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Option – b)

22) The mass of water vapour in one m3 of dry air is defined as

a) Specific humidity

b) Humidity ratio

c) Absolute humidity

d) Relative humidity

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Option – c)

23) The wet bulb depression is zero, when relative humidity is equal to

a) zero

b) 0.5

c) 0.75

d) 1.0

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Option – d)

24) The heat production from a normal healthy mass when asleep is about

a) 45 W

b) 20 W

c) 60 W

d) 70 W

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Option – c)

25) The human body feeds comfortable when the heat stored in the body is

a) Positive

b) Negative

c) Zero

d) Either zero or negative

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Option – c)

26)  The aspect ratio, for rectangular ducts, should not be greater than …….. in any case

a) 8

b) 10

c) 12

d) 16

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Option – a)

27) A duct is said to be a low velocity duct if the velocity of air in the duct is upto

a) 600 m/min

b) 800 m/min
c) 1200 m/min

d) 1600 m/min

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Option – a)

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