Manipur General Knowledge MCQ State GK Questions Answers

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Manipur, known as the “Jewel of India,” is a state nestled in the northeastern region of the country. Enriched with diverse culture, picturesque landscapes, and a rich historical heritage, Manipur is a unique blend of tradition and modernity. In this article, we present a set of General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that will test your knowledge about the enchanting state of Manipur.

1) Which sea is to the west of Maharashtra?

a) Black

b) Arabian

c) Labrador

d) Timor

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Option – b)

2) Which is the official language of Maharashtra?

a) Marathi

b) Sanskrit

c) Gondi

d) Konkani

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Option – a)

3) Where did Thibaw, last king of Burma , live in Maharashtra?

a) Ratnagiri

b) Wardha

c) Poona

d) Sholapur

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Option – a)

4) Which state is to the east of Maharashtra?

a) Karnataka

b) Punjab

c) Chhattisgarh

d) Gujarat

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Option – c)

5) Who was Maharashtra’s home minister on 26 November 2008?

a) Jayant Patil

b) Shivrai Patil

c) Prtibha Patil

d) Raosaheb Patil

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Option – d)

6) Which is the highest point in Maharashtra?

a) Kalsubai

b) Bhusaval

c) Yavatmal

d) Mahabaleshwar

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Option – a)

7) who was the first Peshwa of the Maratha Empire

a) Balaji Vishwanath

b) Raghunath – Rao

c) Mahadev-Rao I

d) Moropant Trimbak Pingle

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Option – d)

8) Who was established the first cotton mill in Bombay

a) Mafatlal

b) Jamshedji Tata

c) Dadabhai Naoroji

d) Cowasjee Nanabhoy

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Option – d)

9) Marathi Language Day is Celebrated on

a) 15th February

b) 7th February

c) 20th February

d) 27th February

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Option – d)

10) Pandita Ramabai opened Sharada Sarada sadan school for windows in the year

a) 1880

b) 1885

c) 1889

d) 1890

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Option – c)