Life Science MCQ Questions Answers Biology Practice Set

Life Science MCQ Questions with Answers – Biology Objective Sample Practice Set

Life science, the study of living organisms and their interactions with each other and their environment, is a captivating field that provides insights into the intricate workings of nature. One effective way to test and reinforce one’s understanding of life science concepts is through Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). In this article, we will embark on a journey through a series of life science MCQs, exploring their answers and the underlying principles they reveal.

1) Plants receive their nutrients mainly from ?





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Option – d)

2) The poison of honey bee is ?





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Option – a)

3) Plant development is influenced by

a) quality of light only

b) quality and quantity of light

c) quality and duration of light

d) quality, quantity and duration of light

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Option – d)

4) Number of chromosomes in Down’s syndrome is

a) 46

b) 47

c) 48

d) 49

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Option – b)

5) The ABO bloodgroups were discovered by

a)Charles Darwin

b) Karl Landsteiner

c) Gregor Mendel

d) Watson

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Option – b)

6) Which is the chief nitrogenous waste in humans ?


b) Ammonia

c) Uric acid

d) Ammonium nitrate

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Option – a)

7) One of the following is most suitable for study of mutations

a) Haploids

b) Diploids

c) Tetraploids

d) Polyploid

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Option – a)

8) O2 released in the process of photosynthesis comes from

a) CO2

b) water

c) sugar

d) pyruvic acid

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Option – b)

9) Branch of science which used in test of breast cancer ?

a) Mycology

b) Mammography

c) Microbiology

d) Morphology

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Option – b)

10) Human blood is a viscous fluid due to

a) Platelets in plasma

b) Proteins in blood

c) RBC and WBC in blood

d) Sodium in serum

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Option – b)