Karnataka General Knowledge State GK MCQ Questions Answers

Karnataka State GK Questions Answers General Knowledge MCQ

Karnataka, a vibrant and diverse state in southern India, boasts a rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and stunning natural beauty. This article aims to test your knowledge about Karnataka with a collection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) covering various aspects of the state’s geography, history, culture, economy, and more. Let’s dive into the world of Karnataka’s General Knowledge!

1) The ‘Bramhagiri’ edict in Chitradurga belongs to which Emperor?

a) Ashoka

b) Pulikeshi

c) Kadamba

d) Amoghavarsha

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Option – a)

2) In which of the following place of Karnataka one cannot find Bahubali Statue?

a) Karkala

b) Dharmastala

c) Shravanabelagola

d) Ddupi

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Option – d)

3) Survarna Vidhana Soudha is located in which district of Karnataka?

a) Hubli

b) Bellary

c) Mysore

d) Belgaum

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Option – d)

4) How many seats have been allocated for Karnataka in Lok Sabha ?

a) 19

b) 20

c) 28

d) 30

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Option – c)

5) How many seats have been allocated for Karnataka in Rajya Sabha?

a) 10

b) 12

c) 18

d) 20

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Option – b)

6) The most famous dance oof Karnataka is____.

a) Kolattam

b) Kuchupudi

c) Yakshagana

d) Bharatanatyam

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Option – c)


7) Which among the following is the highest point in Karnataka?

a) Mullayanna giri

b) Biligiri

c) Nandhi Hills

d) Male Madeshwara Hills

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Option – a)

8) Who was the chief Minister of Karnataka?

a) K. Hanumanthaiah

b)Veerendra Patil

c) S. Nijalingappa

d) K. Chengalaraya Reddy

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Option – d)

9) Which one is a east flowing river in Karnataka>?

a) Aghanashini River

b) Gurupura River

c) Tunga River

d) Varahi River

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Option – c)

10) The Gol Gumbaz is Located in the City

a) Raichur

b) Bijapur

c) Davangere

d) Gulbarga

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Option – b)