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1)In rice production India’s position in world is _

a) First

b) Second

c) Third

d) Fifth

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Option – b)

2) The highest wheat-producing state in India is

a) Haryana

b) Punjab

c) Bihar

d) Uttar Pradesh

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Option – d)

3) Jhumming is shifting agriculture practiced in _

a) North-eastern India

b) South-western India

c) South-eastern India

d) Northern India

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Option – a)

4) Which one of the following was the earliest plantation crop in introduced in India ?

a) Tea

b) Rubber

c) Indigo

d) Coffee

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Option – d)

5) Terrace farming is done _

a) On the slope of hills

b) In dry region

c) On roof tops

d) On mountain tops

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Option – a)

6) Dry farming in India is extensively practiced in _

a) Kanara Plains

b) Deccan Plateaus

c) Coromandal Plains

d) Ganga Plains

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Option – b)

7) Which one of the following states of India is the largest producer of lignite coal?

a) Maharashtra

b) Gujarat

c) Madhya Pradesh

d) Tamil Nadu

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Option – d)

8) Jaduguda is associated with the mining of _

a) Iron

b) Mica

c) Uranium

d) Copper

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Option – c)

9) Raniganj coal field is in _

a) Bihar

b) Orissa

c) West Bengal

d) M.P

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Option – b)

10)The fourth atomic power station is located in _

a) Hyderabad

b) Narora in U.P

c) Trivandrum

d) Madras

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Option – b)

11) Among source of power India has largest reserves of _

a) Coal

b) Oil

c) Natural Gas

d) Atomic power

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Option – a)

12) Haldia refinery is located in _

a) West Bengal

b) Bihar

c) A.P

d) Orissa

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Option – a)

13) Which insect is known as farmers’ enemy No.1 ?

a) Bollworm

b) Desert Iocust

c) Aphids

d) Stem borer

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Option – c)

14) Second green revolution will be related with _

a) Hyvs

b) Wheat

c) Rice

d) Bio-Technology

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Option – c)

15) In UP. The Kharif crop is shown during _

a) January-February

b) April_May

c) June_July

d) October_December

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Option – c)