General Science MCQ – Series 4

General Science MCQ Questions Answers – Series 4

1) Which among the following is poorest source of Fat ?
A. Curd
B. Egg
C. Fish
D. Milk

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Option – c)

2) Zoological Survey of India Planned to Establish Five DNA Laboratories in India. Which
one of the following cities is not included in its planned list?
A.New Delhi
B. Chennai
C. Kolkata
D. Pune

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Option – a)

3) Tip of the match-stick contains-
A. Phosphorus penta oxide
B. White phosphorus
C. Red phosphorus
D. Phosphorus penta chloride

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Option – c)

4) The part of grain in cereals, where much of the protein lies is the ?
A. Aleurone layer
B. Lendosperm
C. Pericarp
D. Embryo

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Option – a)

5) Vaccines are ?
A. Same as monoclonal antibodies
B. Treated bacteria or virus or one of their protein
C. mhc protein
D. Strands of nucleic acid

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Option – b)

6) Which one of the following elements is required by the human body for the hardening
of Bones and teeth ?
A. Iodine
B. Iron
C. Phosphorus
D. Potassium

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Option – c)

7) Which Nutrients plays a important role in Coagulation of Blood ?

a) Calcium

b) Iron

c) Potassium

d) Sodium

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Option – a)

8) What is dry ice?

a) Liquid nitrogen

b) Water ice

c) Solid carbon dioxide

d) Frozen ethanol

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Option – c)

9) The crop in which Bt Gene has been used for genetic transformation and which has

given rise o a controversy in India is ?

a) Cotton

b) Wheat

c) Groundnut

d) Tomato

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Option – a)

10) X-rays were discovered by –

a) Roentgen

b) H.Davy

c) Lavoisier

d) Faraday

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Option – a)