General Awareness MCQ Subject Wise Objective Question Answer PDF

General Awareness GK MCQ Questions Answers Subject Wise Model Objective Paper

In the modern world, where information is readily accessible and knowledge is a key asset, staying informed and updated has become crucial. For students, job seekers, competitive exam aspirants, and individuals looking to expand their horizons, a comprehensive General Awareness MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) Subject-Wise Objective Question Answer PDF can be a valuable resource. Such PDFs provide a structured and organized approach to learning and preparing for a wide range of topics. General Awareness MCQ Questions Answers Fully Solved Multiple Choice Questions Answers.

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1)Which is called the land of fiords?

a) Sweden

b) Norway

c) Italy

d) United Kingdom

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Option – b)

2) How many types of emergencies are envisaged by the constitution?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) None

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Option – c)[/su_spoiler

3) Digestion is brought about by

a) Acids

b) enzymes

c) alkaline solutions

d) vitamins and minerals

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Option - b)

4) Indus valley people worshipped

a) Sami tree

b) Banyan tree

c) Pipal tree

d) Neem Tree

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Option – c)

5) The antibiotic ‘mitomycin’ is used for the treatment of certain types of

a) Cancer


c) Polio

d) Syphilis

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Option – a)

6) The first nuclear submarine which was acquired by the Indian Navy was named

a) Nag

b) Agni

c) Chakra

d) Gangotri

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Option – c)

7) Heat from the sun is recovered by the earth through

a) convection

b) Radiation

c) conduction

d) None of the above

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Option – b)

8) Which among the following is related to AIDS?

a) GIF

b) HIV

c) SIT

d) ABO

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Option – B)

9) Wavell Plan was given in the year

a) 1940

b) 1945

c) 1960

d) 1975

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Option – b)

10) Which one of the following is a modified stem?

a) Carrot

b) Sweet Potato

c) Coconut

d) Potato

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Option – d)