First in India Objective Study Materials Important MCQ

First in India Important Study Materials

First in India Objective Study Materials is very important for government examination. We have answered some important questions here. In the realm of competitive exams and academic pursuits, having a solid grasp of historical milestones and significant achievements can often make all the difference. Among these, the ‘First in India’ category holds a special place, highlighting pioneering individuals, inventions, and accomplishments that have shaped the nation’s growth. To facilitate an effective study approach, the use of objective study materials and important Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) offers an engaging and efficient way to learn and retain this valuable information.

1) Name of the first election commissioner of India ?

Sukumar Sen.

2) Name of first Space Tourist of India ?

Santosh George

3) Name of first First Chinese pilgrim to Visit India?


4) Name of first Indian Pilot ?

J.R.D. Tata in 1929

5) Name of first Indian to get Bharat Ratna Award ?

Dr. S Radhakrishnan

6) Name of the first university of India ?

Nalanda University.

7) Name of first Indian to get Jnanpeeth Award ?

G. Shankar Kurup

8) Name of first Test tube baby of India?

Indira (Baby Harsha)

9) Where was the first Post Office opened in India ?

Kolkata in 1727

10) Name of the first woman of India to win WTA title ?

Sania Mirza