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Education MCQ Questions Answers Download PDF Objective Sample Quiz brings a golden opportunity for all the candidates who have studied in Education.From now on you will be able to prepare on the subject of education on our website.Many candidates have told us that they want to take preparation on the subject of education but there is no question or answer on the subject of education on any online website that they will take preparation.With all these candidates in mind, we started Education mcq from today.With this education questions and answers you can take preparation for any competitive exam.

Education is a multifaceted journey that encompasses a plethora of subjects, concepts, and ideas. One of the essential tools in assessing and enhancing learning is the Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) format. MCQs have been a staple of educational assessment for decades, providing a structured and efficient way to evaluate a student’s understanding of a given topic. In this article, we delve into the world of education MCQs, exploring their benefits, construction, and effective utilization.

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1) According to Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, the Concrete operational stage starts at age
a) 3
b) 7
c) 11
d) 15

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Option – b)

2) Who emphasized that education should be a social process?

(a) Vivekananda

(b) Rousseau

(c) Dewey

(d) Pestalozzi

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Option – c)

3) Which of the following characteristics is common to Pragmatism, Naturalism and Existentialism?

(a) Emphasis on spiritual aims of education

(b) Emphasis on the individual

(c) Emphasis on physical environment

(d) Emphasis on value education.

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Option – b)

4) Who emphasised realization of Truth, Beauty and Goodness as the aims of education?

(a) Idealists

(b) Pragmatists

(c) Realists

(d) Naturalists.

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Option – a)

5) Which of the following claims of the pragmatists is not acceptable?

(a) The free activity of the pupil is likely to result in permanent attitudes of initiative and independence and moral discipline

(b) Training in citizenship is possible through school and community activities

(c) Training in character through school’s co-curricular activities is possible

(d) Child’s own experience is valuable for adequate development of child’s personality.

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Option – a)

6) First Open University in India was established in the year

a) 1961

b) 1982

c) 1985

d) 2001

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Option – b)

7) Which of the following Commission first decentralized the primary education?

a) Hunter Commission

b) Mudaliar Commission

c) Kothari Commission

d) Sadler Commission

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Option – a)

8) Who was the first Chairman of University Grant Commission?

a) Dr. Manmohan Singh

b) Prof. Yash Pal

c) Prof. S.S. Bhatnagar

d) Prof. D.S. Kothari

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Option – c)

9) The University Grants Commission was constituted on the recommendation of:

a) Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Commission

b) Mudaliar Commission

c) Sargent Commission

d) Kothari Commission

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Option – a)

10) Indian Institute of Advanced Study is located at

 a) Dharmshala 

 b) Shimla

 c) Solan 

 d) Chandigarh

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Option – b)