Delhi General Knowledge MCQ Questions Answers GK Download PDF

Delhi GK General Knowledge MCQ Questions Answers Download PDF Fully Solved Model Set

Delhi, the capital city of India, is a treasure trove of history, culture, and heritage. From its ancient roots as the seat of various empires to its modern status as a bustling metropolis, Delhi holds a wealth of knowledge waiting to be discovered. In this article, we present a collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) designed to test your general knowledge about Delhi. Let’s dive into the intriguing world of Delhi’s past and present! Delhi General Knowledge GK MCQ Questions Answers Download PDF

1) The poet know as the ‘’ Parrot of India’’ was—

a) Kaiqubad

b) Amir Khusrau

c) Al-Beruni

d) None

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Option – b)

2) The first Turkish ruler introduce Arabic coinage was  ………..

a) Iltutmish

b) Amir Hasan

c) Amir Khusrau

d) None

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Option – a)

3) The first Mushlim ruler of Delhi was

a) Yalduz

b) Qutubuddin Aibak

c) Iltutmish

d) Qubacha

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Option – b)

4) How many Dynastys ruled Delhi Sulnate?

a) 3

b) 4

c) 5

d) 7

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Option – c)

5) How did Delhi Sultans divide the empire?

a) Mandalas

b) Tarafs

c) Aharas

d) Iktas

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Option – d)

6) What was the capital of Ala-ud-di-Khilji?

a) Siri

b) Daultabad

c) Ferozabad

d) Aurangabad

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Option – a)

7) The sultan who built Agra city?

a) Balban

b) Sikander Lodi

c) Alauddin Khalji

d) Iltutmish

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Option – b)

8) Official Language of the Delhi is ?

a) Hindi

b) Bengali

c) English

d) Marathi

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Option – b)

9) Formation of Union Terittory ______.

a) 1954

b) 1956

c) 1959

d) 1960

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Option – d)

10) Capital of the Delhi is

a) Delhi

b) New Delhi

c) Mumbai

d) Maharashtra

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Option – a)