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Databases form the backbone of modern information systems, serving as repositories for structured data and enabling efficient storage, retrieval, and management of information. In the world of computer science and data management, understanding databases is paramount. To gauge one’s knowledge in this field, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are a popular assessment tool. This article delves into various database-related MCQs, aiming to provide a comprehensive guide to help you enhance your understanding of database concepts.

1)If a relation scheme is in BSNF then it is also in

a) First normal form

b) Second normal form

c)Third normal form

d) Not in any normal form

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Option – c.

2)Attribute of one table matching to the primary key of other table, is called as

a) foreign key

b) secondary key

c) candidate key

d) composite key

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Option – a.

3)Ascending order of data hierarchy is

a) bit->byte->record->field->file->database

b) bit->byte->field->record->file->database

c) byte->bit->field->record->file->database

c) byte->bit->field->file->record->database

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Option – B.

4)Non procedural query language can be related with

a) Function dependency

b) B tree

c) Domain calculus

d) Relational algebric operators

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Option – c.

5)Which command is used to set a link between two database files





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Option – d.

6) Which among following contains a complete record of all activity that affected the contents of a database during a creation period of time

a) report writer

b) query language

c) DML

d) transaction log

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Option – d.

7) Which among following is not a relational database

a)dBase IV

b) 4th Dimention

c) FoxPro

d) Reflex

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Option – d.

8) Data dictionary is a special file that contains

a) the names of all fields in all files

b) the data types of all fields of all files

c) Both of above

d) None of above

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Option – b.

9) In context of database DML Means

a) Data Multiplication Line

b) Data Manupulation Language

c) Data Method Limit

d) Data Merit Logic

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Option – b.

10) Data dictionary tell DBMS

a) what files are in the database

b) what attributes are processed by data

c) what these files contain

d) all of above

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Option – d.