Operating System MCQ Questions Answers Computer Engineering CSE

Operating System MCQ Questions Answers Computer Engineering CSE

Here you will find the operating system interview questions answer short questions mcq questions answers. An operating system (OS) is the fundamental software that manages computer hardware and provides essential services to facilitate efficient and effective use of a computer system. Aspiring computer science students, IT professionals, and enthusiasts often encounter multiple-choice questions (MCQs) related to operating systems as a way to assess their understanding of this critical topic. In this article, we’ll delve into a series of Operating System MCQs, along with detailed explanations of each answer, to help you test and enhance your knowledge.

Are you studying the operating system? If you have studied operating system then you should read MCQ and quiz operating system very well. If you want, you can get the PDF version of the operating system here.There are many candidates who want the operating system Question Bank from us. We have provided them here.All the candidates who are preparing for the technical line requested us to answer the operating system questions so that we can provide it here.For this we have provided answers with questions here.

1) Which of the following is a service not supported by the operating system:?

a) Protection

b) Accounting

c) Compilation

d) I/O operation

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Option – c)

2) Concurrent processes are processes that

a) do not overlap in time

b) overlap in time

c) are executed by a processor at the same time

d) no one of the above

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Option – b)

3) Sector interleaving in disks is done by

a) single user system

b) non-multiprogramming system

c) nom-multitasking system

d) none of these

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Option – b)

4) Dijkstra’s banking algorithm in an operating system solves the problem of

a) deadlock avoidance

b) deadlock recovery

c) mutual exclusion

d) context switching

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Option – a)

5) Which of the following page replacement algorithms suffers from Belady’s anomaly?

a) Shortest job first

b) Round robin

c) First come first serve

d) Elevator

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Option – c)

6) If there are 32 segments, each of size 1 k bytes, then the logical address should have
a) 13 bits

b) 14 bits

c) 15 bits

d) 16 bits

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Option – c)

7) A system with multiple CUP’s is called

a) time sharing system

b) desktop system

c) client severe system

d) parallel system

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Option – d)

8) Bootstrap loader is always stored in

a) cache

b) ROM

c) Ram

d) Disk

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Option – b)

9) A single is a virtual interrupt which is created by which of the following

a) Hardware

b) OS

c) PCB

d) TLB

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Option – b)

10) Peterson’s algorithm is the solution of which of the following problem.

a) deadlock

b) mutual exclusion

c) trashing

d) paging

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Option – b)