Chhattisgarh General Knowledge MCQ State GK Questions Answers

11) In which of the accompanying regions is Dandkaranya venture found?

(A) Raipur

(B) Jagdalpur

(C) Durg

(D) Bastar

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Option – D)

12) Discover the erroneous match of the accompanying regions having National Park and asylums?

(A) Indravati-Dantewara

(B) Kuturu-Raipur

(C) Udanti-Raipur

(D) Gomrada-Raigarh

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Option – B)

13) Which of the accompanying tribes Dhanka is a sub tribe?

(An) Orang

(B) Korba

(C) Bhetra

(D) Kamar

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Option – A)

14) Where is the Railway wagon (gear) repairing focus?

(A)  Raisain

(B) Raigarh

(C) Raipur

(D) Sajapur

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Option – c)

15) Bristal and Panama are the fundamental cigrettes which are produced in Chhattisgarh. Where are the Bristal cigrattes produced ?

(An) In Durg

(B) In Raigarh

(C) In Bilaspur

(D) In Raipur

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Option – D)

16) What number of colleges are there in Chhattisgarh?

(A) 2

(B) 6

(C) 7

(D) 4

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Option – c)

17) The Chhattisgarh state was framed on?

(A) 31st Oct., 1996

(B) first Nov., 1997

(C) 31st Oct., 2001

(D) first Nov., 2000

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Option – D)

18) Which of the accompanying is arranged in the North of tropic of growth?

(A) Ramanujung

(B) Ambikapur

(C) Baikunthpur

(D) Dareea

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Option – A)

19) In which of the accompanying locale is the Cement Corporation of India industrial facility not arranged?

(A) Durg

(B) Raipur

(C) Janjgir

(D) Raigarh

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Option – A)

20) Where is the matchbox manufacturing plant in Chhattisgarh?

(A) Raigarh

(B) Balaghat

(C) Chhindwara

(D) Bilaspur

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Option – D)