Chandigarh General Knowledge GK MCQ Questions Answers

Chandigarh General Knowledge GK MCQ Questions Answers

Chandigarh general knowledge – GK MCQ Questions Answers Download PDF. Chandigarh, often referred to as “The City Beautiful,” is a remarkable city that serves as the capital of two Indian states, Punjab and Haryana. Designed by the renowned architect Le Corbusier, Chandigarh boasts a unique blend of modern urban planning, architectural brilliance, and rich cultural heritage. This article presents a set of Chandigarh General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to challenge and enhance your understanding of this iconic city.

1) This City of contrasts, Chandigarh, was ideated by________________.

a) Mahatma Gandhi

b) Lal Bahadur Shastri

c) Indra Gandhi

d) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

ans: c

2) The official language of Chandigarh is________________.

a) English

b) Bengakli

c) Hindi

d) Punjabi

ans: c

3) Chandigarh Mango festival is celebrated in.


b) August

c) November

d) December
   Ans- June.

4) When was Chandigarh established?
a)1 November 1966.

b) 3 October 1966.

c) 5 November 1966.

d) 5 October

ans: a

5) __________________is a structure built in Chandigarh by legendary architect, Le Corbusier.

  a)  Right Hand Monument

b)Left Hand Monument

c)Close Hand Monument

d) Open Hand Monument


6) Teej festival is the festival of monsoons, celebrated in____.

a) April

b) June

c) August

d) December
Ans- August.

7) Chandigarh was designed by the French (born Swiss) architect and urban planner, ___________ in 1950.

a) Le Chesimard

b) Le Hamilton

c) Le Bryan

d) Le Corbusier


8) Chandigarh is a city & union territory in India that serves as the capital of two states,__________.

a) Haryana and Gujarat

b) Haryana and Himachal Pradesh

c) Haryana and Rajasthan

d) Haryana and Punjab

ans: d

9) Festivals of the garden are celebrated in the month of____.

a) January

b) April

c) February

d) July
Ans- February.

10) _________________, former Indian cricketer was born in Chandigarh.

a) Jeev Milkha Singh

b) Kapil Dev

c) Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji

d) Anil Kumble