C++ Programming MCQ Questions Answers Download PDF

C++ Programming MCQ Questions Answers Download PDF C Plus Plus Language Test Set

Are you preparing for c++ programming questions and answer? So come to the right place, we provide all the materials of c++ programming quiz questions here. C++ programming is a powerful and versatile language widely used for developing a range of applications, from system software to games and desktop applications. Aspiring C++ programmers need to have a solid understanding of its core concepts and features. One effective way to test and enhance your knowledge of C++ is through Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). In this article, we present a comprehensive set of MCQs that cover various aspects of C++ programming.

There is good news for those who are preparing for the competitive exam, we are c++ programming questions with solutions here. If you want to download c++ programming mcq questions with answers you can download it in c++ programming questions and answers pdf format.

1) A constructor is called whenever

a)an objective is declared

b) an object is used

c)a class is declared

d) a class is used

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Option – a)

2) Which of the following are procedural languages?

a) Pascal


c) C++

d) C

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Option – a,d)

3)C++ was originally developed \by

a) Clocksin and Mellish

b) Donald E Knuth

c) Sir Richard Hadlee

d) Bjarne Stroustrup

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Option – d)

4)Choose the correct statements regarding i n l I n e function.

a) it speeds up execution

b)  it slows down execution

c) it increases the code size

d) it decreases the code size

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Option – a,c)

5) Which of the following is not a storage class supported by C++ ?
a) Register

b) Auto


d) Dynamic

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Option – d)

6) Which of the following operators cannot be overloaded?

a) >>

b) ?:

c) .

d)  no such operator exists

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Option –b, c)

7) A class having no name

a) is not allowed

b) cannot have a constructor

c) cannot have a destructor

d) cannot be passed as an argument

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Option – b,c,d)

8) For a method to be an interface between the outside world and a class, it has to be declared

a) Private

b) protected

c) public

d) external

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Option – c)

9) Choose the correct statements.

a) A destructor is not inherited

b) A constructor cannot be called explicitly

c) A destructor can be called explicitly

d) A constructor is not inherited

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Option –a,b,d)

10) cout stands for

a) class output

b) character output

c) common output

d) call output

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Option – c)