Arunachal Pradesh General Knowledge MCQ State GK Question Answer

Arunachal Pradesh State GK MCQ General Knowledge Question Answer

Latest Update- Arunachal Pradesh is a very important state like every other state. Here are some important general knowledge from which competitive exam comes every year. Arunachal Pradesh, nestled in the northeastern part of India, is a land of breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures, and rich heritage. General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) about Arunachal Pradesh not only test your knowledge but also provide fascinating insights into this enchanting state. In this article, we’ll delve into the realm of Arunachal Pradesh’s general knowledge, covering its geography, culture, history, and more through a series of MCQs.

1) Who succeeded Dorjee Khandu as Arunachal Pradesh’s chief minister?
a) Tarun Gogoi
b) Rishang Keishing
c) S. C. Jamir
d) Nabam Tuki

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Option – d)

2) Which of the following rivers flows through Arunachal Pradesh?

b) Brahmaputra
c) Indus
d) Cauvery

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Option – b)

3) Which country is to the west of Arunachal Pradesh?

a) Siam
b) Bhutan
c) Burma
d) Laos

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Option – b)

4) . Which country refers to Arunachal Pradesh as South Tibet?
a) Australia
b) Indonesia
c) Philippines
d) China

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Option – d)

5) When was Arunachal Pradesh separated from Assam?
a) 2000
b) 1956
c) 1948

d) 1972

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Option – d)

6) Which line separates Arunachal Pradesh from Tibet?
a) Curzon Line
b) Durand Line
c) McMahon Line
d) Maginot Line

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Option – c)

7) Which is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh?
a) Pasighat
b) Deomali
c) Tezpur

d) Itanagar

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Option – d)

8) What is the area of Arunachal Pradesh?
a) 28,974 sq. mi.
b) 32,333 sq. mi.
c) 56,123 sq. mi.
d) 44,896 sq. mi.

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Option – b)

9) Which is the highest point in Arunachal Pradesh?
a) Dhavalagiri
b) Godwin Austin

c) Kangto
d) Namcha Barwa

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Option – c)

10) How was Arunachal Pradesh formerly known?
b) Coorg
c) North East Frontier Agency
d) North West Frontier Province

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Option – c)

11)Arunachal Pradesh was also  known as




d) None of the above

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Option – a)

12) Total number of  District in Arunachal Pradesh

a) 18

b) 16

c) 14

d) 12

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Option – b)

13) Tapi Mra Climbed the Mount Everest in the year

a) 2006

b) 2005

c) 2012

d) 2009

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Option – d)

14) The Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission was established in the year

a) 1985

b) 1991

c) 1993

d) 1988

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Option – d)

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